Take A Proactive Approach To Jetlag

    Proactive Approach To Jetlag

    If you will be traveling somewhere with a significant difference in time, then you may be looking for a few ways to minimize the drain you feel when you arrive. Here’s how to take a proactive approach to jetlag.

    Start Before You Leave

    If possible adjust your sleep schedule by at least two hours the week before you leave. Even if the time difference is greater than two hours this will get you heading in the right direction.

    Nutrition On The Way

    Avoid the temptation to eat greasy airport fast food, high-sugar snacks, and onboard cocktails. While moderation is fine if it’s all you eat it will contribute to your sluggish feeling upon arrival.

    Stop If You Can

    If you will be traveling somewhere that the time difference is greater than 8 hours or you will need to take more than 3 flights, stop for a day or two somewhere along the way. This will give you a tad bit of time to explore somewhere else, but more importantly, will ensure you get some good quality rest.

    Arrival And Departure

    As busy as your schedule may be, try to arrive at least a full 24 hours before any professional commitments, up to 3 days early if the time difference is greater than 8 hours. When returning home try to give yourself a few half days at work or schedule odd work hours until you readjust.

    These tips will help you take a proactive approach to jetlag!

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