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Could Or Should?

Could or should?

I’m a huge fan of Louise Hay. One pearl of wisdom she’s delivered is the invaluable difference between the seemingly similar words could and should. Accurately defining the difference between could or should has changed my life. I hope it does the same for you!

Shoulding Is Shaming

Pay attention to the next time you hear yourself shoulding yourself. I should have worked out today. I should have got more done before I left the office today. I shouldn’t have let that opportunity pass me by. When you should yourself, you are shaming yourself.

Could Is Full Of Possibilities

When you replace could with should, and rephrase the sentences above, they take on a whole new meaning. Switching to could acknowledges an active decision between your options, and helps to affirms your choice.

  1. I could have gone to the gym today, but reading for an hour this afternoon was fulfilling.
  2. I could have stayed longer at work today, but I’ll be more productive with a fresh brain tomorrow.
  3. I could have stayed in an unhealthy relationship, but I prioritized my happiness.

Notice the next time you should yourself, and rephrase your statement with could instead. Before you know it, you will do this naturally, and more importantly— your outlook on life will be far healthier.


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