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Do You Still Need A Car?

do you still need a car

Do you still need a car? Even traditional car rental agencies are offering rock-bottom daily rental rates for locals.

More Convenient Than You Think

I recently moved from Chicago, where we’ve had Uber and ridesharing for years, to the small town I grew up in, where public transportation is limited and almost every family has multiple cars. Before I arrived, I made sure they had Uber and planned on continuing my car-free life. At first, everyone thought I was crazy for not buying a new car; now they see how easy and convenient it is. They even joke that I’m like a princess, chauffeured everywhere I go.

More Cost-Effective Than You Think

One reason I started riding Uber in Chicago is because it was cheaper than cabs. Moving back to a mid-sized city, I wondered if it would still be cost-effective, especially since the buses here really aren’t an efficient method of transportation. With daily trips, I still pay less than an average car payment.

Last, riding Uber is an excellent way to meet new people. I now have “regular” Uber drivers I pre-schedule my rides with and have even become friends with a few of my drivers.

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