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Charcoal—Not Just For Grilling

activated charcoal

Charcoal might be your go-to when grilling, but you might have noticed this versatile medium in other areas of your local retailers. A popular supplement in alternative medicine, with a long list of applications. From multi-purpose capsules, to health, home, and beauty products.

Filtration And Odor Absorption

Charcoal is a common ingredient in water filtration systems, including filters for built-in systems, pet water filters, and faucet water filters. You can also purchase pads and pouches for odor absorption throughout your home. The pads are often more convenient as they don’t produce dust like the pouches.

Cleansing And Food Poisoning

If you want to cleanse your digestive tract, accelerate food poisoning, or minimize bloating and gas—purchase activated capsules and use as directed.

Charcoal For Beauty

You can open up powdered capsules to create a DIY mask or tooth whitening paste. You can also purchase pre-made products that feature this versatile ingredient. Just make sure that all ingredients on the list are natural.

These are just a handful of ways you can use charcoal in your daily life. For more ideas, head over to Dr. Axe. If those seem a bit out there, feel free to just use charcoal when grilling outdoors.

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