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Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

non-traditional wedding ideas

If you and your better half are ready to tie the knot, but want to do things your way—consider the non-traditional wedding ideas below.

Super Small Wedding

While some couples can’t wait for a big bash that all their friends and family are invited to, many couples prefer a more intimate affair. This could be 30 to 60 of your nearest and dearest, just your immediate family and wedding party, or just you two.

Destination Wedding

If you want to have a somewhat traditional wedding, but a non-traditional setting—consider a destination wedding. Think tropical get away, adventure excursion, cruise, or get married in another country.


Eloping in Vegas, or heading to your local court house allows you to exchange your vows in a no-frills manner. While there’s not a lot of pomp and circumstance, there is still a lot of love. Eloping is an excellent way to save some money, and you can always have a reception with family and friends at a later date.

Any Way You Want It

Anything goes at modern weddings. Combine two religious or cultures. Write a unique vows and declaration of intent. Host your wedding in a house, backyard, or field. Wear whatever you want. It’s your special day, so do it your way!

These non-traditional wedding ideas aren’t for everyone, but they are the perfect way to start your life together on your own terms!

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