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Work Out While You Walk

work out while you walk

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to burn calories. While it doesn’t provide the full body range of motion you need, it is easy to do anytime and anywhere. You will burn calories, increase circulation, and if done right, work out your core and more. Here are a few different ways you can work out while you walk.

Tuck Your Hips While You Walk

Whether sitting or standing, posture and alignment are important. However, our seated desk job often leave us with poor posture, even when we stand and walk. Next time you stand up, make sure you tuck your hips to activate your core. This alone can go a long way in alleviating lower back pain. Also, stand up straight and roll your shoulders back.

Walk On Uneven Ground

To get a workout while you walk, try walking on uneven ground. This might include walking uphill, downhill, upstairs, on cobblestone, or even on the sand. This will burn more calories and work out more muscles from head to toe.

Add Weights

Holding one to three-pound hand weights while walking is an excellent way to work out your arms and upper back while you walk.

Also, look for more times you can work out while you walk. Stand while working, walk during your breaks, walk instead of driving long distances, walk the dog, and take a leisurely stroll after work. To make it more fun, invite a friend!

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