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Drinking Water—Is There A Right Time Of Day?

drinking water and daily hydration

By now we all understand that we should drink no less than 64 ounces of water each day. While this is the minimum amount your body requires to remain hydrated, when you consume your hydration matters too. Here are some tips for drinking water when it counts most.

When You Wake Up

You should aim to drink no less than 8 ounces of water or herbal tea shortly after you wake up. This will help to rehydrate your body after a long stretch without hydration, as well as to help ease your dry mount and throat.

30 Minutes Prior To Eating

Most of us drink water or other beverages with our meal, but it is actually ideal to drink 8 or so ounces of water 30 minutes prior to eating—and only small sips while eating. This will improve digestion and nutrient absorption. It may also help you to feel fuller faster, as many hunger pangs—are actually your body trying to tell you it needs more hydration.

When You Sweat

Everything from working out, warm or humid weather, steam, sauna, hot baths, and intimate moments cause us to perspire. This perspiration is our body’s way of naturally cooling ourselves, but we need to make sure that we replenish the fluids we lose. For best results, hydrate 30 to 60 minutes prior to planned exposure—and during and after. If working out, small sips will do.

Drinking water for the remaining portion of your 64 or more daily ounces should ideally be spread out throughout the day. Also, drink when you are thirsty—ideally before. And try to pare-down fluids one or two hours before bedtime.

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