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Minimalist Gifts—What To Give The Minimalists In Your Life

The Perfect Minimalist Gifts

If you aren’t a minimalist, you might be stressing about what to give the minimalists on your gift list. You don’t want to give a gift you know they will likely regift or donate, but you also don’t want to give something that doesn’t conflict with their less-is-more lifestyle. Below are the perfect minimalist gifts to give instead.

  1. Tickets To Anything—movies, concerts, comedy show, theater, sporting events, etc.
  2. An Experience—Groupon, cooking classes, seminar in an area of interest, excursion, etc.
  3. Gift Certificate—restaurant, massage, spa, clothing store, home goods, etc.
  4. Perishable Items—wine, olive oil, spices, gourmet soup or baking mixes, chocolates, etc.
  5. Subscriptions—subscription to a wine club, food or farm co-op, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.
  6. Home Organization Items—space saving hangers, closet organizational tools, desk and drawer organizers, etc.
  7. Ecofriendly Minimalist Gifts—most minimalist are green bugs, so consider an eco-friendly gift. Plants, seeds, donate to a green cause on their behalf, or even a bouquet of lovely flowers.
  8. Homemade “Coupon” Books—consider giving a homemade coupon book for things like, coffee date, one night of babysitting, or any thoughtful and useful thing they might enjoy.

The minimalist gifts above allow you to enjoy the gift of giving, all while ensuring your less-is-more loved one’s lifestyle is respected.


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