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Six-Pack Abs Aren’t The Only Reason To Work Out Your Core

Work Out Your Core

Let’s face it, the average person will never achieve six-pack abs. Even if you do, odds are you won’t be able to maintain them for life. Super sculpted abs aside, there are many reasons why you should work out your core.

The 5 Best Reasons To Work Out Your Core

  1. It improves your posture while seated and standing, as well as your body mechanics.
  2. A strong core improves balance, both in everyday life and in athletics.
  3. The less fat in your core, the less unhealthy pressure you put on your internal organs.
  4. Regular core exercises help to wring out toxins from your intestines.
  5. Chronic back pain, or pain caused by sitting all day at work can be alleviated with core training—sometimes completely eliminated.

Make Your Core Training A Full Body Workout

Instead of investing all of your core training in core-only, or core-primary exercises—make your core training a full body workout. Pilates or a core-focused Yoga class is one of the easiest ways to achieve this, but certainly not the only way.

Last but not least, regardless of your workout routine, keep your core activated when possible. This will help to improve posture and form, and work out your core regardless of what you are doing. Even when you are walking!

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