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Why Spot Fat Reduction Doesn’t Work

Spot Fat Reduction Doesn't Work

We all have our problem areas. Some are areas we have long struggled with, while others are due to aging, weight gain, or post-pregnancy changes. While your goal may be to shrink your thighs, or religiously do your facial exercises to help minimize your double chin or chubby cheeks—spot fat reduction doesn’t work.

Why Spot Fat Reduction Doesn’t Work

Consider how the weight you gained occurred. You didn’t just wake up one day with love handles or saddle bags, the weight occurred gradually throughout your body. While you can certainly target an area you want to tone, you still have to make a head-to-toe effort to burn calories and fat. Cardio is an excellent place to start, but strength and resistance training is a must.

You Need To Tone Your Entire Body

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to achieve six-pack abs, or toned and sexy arms you will see results of hyper-targeting specific muscle groups. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that our muscles are an intricate and interconnected system. To “pull in” your problem areas, you must focus on the surrounding muscle groups—especially the smaller muscle groups. And first, you must loose the fat layer on top of your muscles.

While you might be tempted to Google the best way to improve your troubled areas, remember these exercises will only tone the area. Spot fat reduction might be your starting point, but it can’t be your destination.


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