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Kid-Friendly Summer Fun

kid-friendly summer fun

Looking to keep your kids active and engaged this summer? Or for some activities that will get them unplugged and out of the house? Below is a short list of kid-friendly summer fun you can turn to for inspiration.

  1. Head to the park with a frisbee, ball for playing catch, kite, or remote-control airplane.
  2. Hop in the car and drive to a nearby park, aquarium, zoo, kid’s museum, or fun attraction.
  3. Take a day trip on the train, or ride the train to visit family and friends.
  4. Signup for the summer reading club at your local library, but also check their calendar for kid-friendly summer fun.
  5. Invest in some toys and games that will encourage your kids to head outdoors—a slip-and-slide, water balloons, volleyball net, sidewalk chalk, bocce, basketball, baseball, bicycle, hoverboard, or trampoline.
  6. Bake and decorate a cake or cookies.
  7. Do a few ‘found’ arts and crafts from branches, leaves, feathers, or recycled materials.
  8. Plant a garden with either flowers or veggies.
  9. Gather the neighborhood adults and create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to complete in teams of two or more.
  10. Make DIY bird feeders, then encourage them to take photos and research the local birds.

This kid-friendly summer fun is an excellent way to get your kids doing more than sleeping in, gaming, posting to social media, and lounging around while on summer break.

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