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Need An Instant Energizer To Help You Get Through The Day?

All-Natural Instant Energy

If you are looking for an instant pick me up, that won’t make your crash and burn like caffeine—you are in luck! Below are 4 things you can do almost any time you need an instant energizer.

Hydrate Your Body

Ever wondered how afternoon herbal tea became a thing? It’s not the caffeine content, which you can easily skip with a caffeine-free blend, but because it provides the perfect mid-day break for rehydration. Sometimes we get so caught up with our busy day, that we forget to hydrate between meals. This causes us to feel lethargic.


Skipping breakfast, putting off lunch until it’s convenient, and long gaps between meals can leave your body craving the nutrients and energy you need to thrive. So, eat a high-protein, fiber-rich, and low-sugar meal or snack. If you aren’t a morning person, find a protein beverage you can sip between waking and eating lunch.

Listen To Some Binary Beats

Binary beats can be used for a variety of healing and balancing purposes. If you need an instant energizer, find a track designed to uplift. Just make sure you use headphones to listen.

Get Up

Most of us sit for 8 or more hours a day, some of us significantly more. While you may be hard at work while seated, we must not forget that our bodies are designed to move. We feel lethargic when sitting because our blood is not able to adequately circulate—so get up! Stand while working, take a 10-minute walk, stretch from head-to-toe, or invest in a convertible seated/standing workstation. While you’re at it, take some deep breaths in and out.

Next time you are in need of a pick me up, give one or all of the instant energizer tips above a try.

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