Where To Spend On Your Wardrobe

When To Invest In Your Style

If you are someone who enjoys having a lot of variety in your wardrobe, then you may be having a challenging time managing your clothing budget. However, there is a way to rock the trendy fashions you love without breaking the bank. The trick is in knowing when to invest and when to bargain shop.

Sandals, Boots, And Footwear

If you are in need of a pair of sandals or shoes to match an outfit, that are super on-trend, or that are a standout shoe you will only wear on occasion—don’t spend the big bucks. Leave the investment spending to weather-required shoes, athletic shoes, and shoes you plan to wear regularly. Most of these should be versatile, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be neutral.

Trendy Seasonal Pieces

Trendy items that will last only one season, or just a handful of seasons are not where you want to invest your money. These are the pieces you want to buy in stores like H&M or Marshall’s. However, wardrobe staples or capsule wardrobe items should be pieces you invest in.

When it comes to accessories like ties, pocket squares, jewelry, handbags, and your laptop bag—splurge on the timeless pieces, and spend less on the trends.

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