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    Project 333 Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

    Project 333 Doesn't Have To Be Boring

    Project 333 challenges you to reduce your wardrobe down to 33 items each season, not counting loungewear, sleepwear, athletic wear, outerwear, undergarments, or sentimental jewelry you wear every day such as your wedding ring or heirloom necklace. However, it does include all shoes and accessories—even your purse. So how do you achieve this without being boring, and without everyone knowing? It’s easier than you might think!

    Consider Monochrome With Pops Of Color

    If it fits your personal style, consider a monochromatic wardrobe that is super easy to mix and match. This might include lots of shades of grey, white, black or navy. It’s all about the layers. Adding punches of color with your accessories will keep things fun.

    Carefully Selected Accessories

    Accessories go a long way in keeping your outfit visually appealing. The trick is to pick the right ones. While you don’t want your accessories to eat up too many of your 33 items your accessories are what add visual appeal. In other words, this is where you want to ditch the neutrals. A few fun scarves, a standout necklace, a pop of color with your shoes—really make your accessories count.

    Last but not least, remember that your wardrobe will change (likely with some crossover) every 3 months—which isn’t that long!

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