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  • What's Your Style

    What’s Your Style?

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of style? Clothing and accessories? Your hair? Your makeup? While your style certainly can be shared through physical forms…

  • When To Invest In Your Style

    Where To Spend On Your Wardrobe

    If you are someone who enjoys having a lot of variety in your wardrobe, then you may be having a challenging time managing your clothing budget. However, there is a way…

  • Bad for Your Hair

    Unhealthy Habits That Are Bad For Your Hair

    When you think of the things that are bad for your hair, the first thing that comes to mind is chemical treatments, heat styling tools, and extensions. While those are certainly…

  • Need A Fresh New Look?

    Create A Fresh New Look

    If you are feeling bored with your current style, or have an upcoming event you want to mix things up for—you might be looking for a fresh new look. With a…

  • wash your face with oil

    3 Reasons To Wash Your Face With Oil

    I am naturally oil-prone, so the thought of washing my face with oil is one I have ignored for years. Then, while on a vacation where the weather was humid beyond…

  • sunscreen dos and don'ts
    beauty health travel

    Sunscreen Dos and Don’ts

    The first official day of summer 2017 is June 20th. However, many areas around the nation are already enjoying warm and toasty weather. As things heat up, you will be inspired…