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    Vegan Cleansing Has Never Been Easier

    Vegan Cleansing Made Easy

    Cleansing is popular after the holiday season, or anytime you want to kickstart your health. There are many cleanses to choose from, but many ignore vegan cleansing out of concern that it will simply be too hard to stick with. However, it has never been easier to be vegan—especially short-term.

    Frozen And Ready To Eat Vegan Meals

    It used to be that if you wanted to enjoy a hearty vegan meal you had to cook it from scratch, but not anymore. Between brands like Beyond Meat, Amy’s, Tofurkey, Boca, Kashi, and Quorn you can easily find frozen and ready to heat vegan and vegetarian protein staples and full meals. Your health food store deli section will even have a few options.

    Vegan Restaurants

    During your month or week or two of vegan cleansing, also be sure to check to see which local restaurants offer vegan entrees—and not just salads. You will find that many Asian restaurants have a variety of meatless options, but keep in mind that many are cooked with fish oil or stock.

    Aim for at least 2 full weeks of vegan, if not 100% aim for 80% to 90%. In just two weeks you should feel and look less bloated, have more energy, and less internal inflammation. And as long as you don’t overdo it on the vegan desserts, you should even lose a few pounds.

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