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    Delicious Grain-Free Substitutions

    Grain-Free Substitutions

    If you are gluten sensitive or are on a low-carb diet you may be looking for some delicious alternatives to bread or your grain side dishes. Here are some grain-free substitutions.

    1. 100% veggie wraps made from green veggies or beets.
    2. Corn tortillas if corn is on your approved list, as it is both a grain and a veggie.
    3. Thinly slice sweet potato and bake it until tender. Then use it as bread or to make mini sweet potatoes pizzas.
    4. Use large leafy greens as grain-free sandwich wraps.
    5. Rice-based pastas are an excellent gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta.
    6. Gluten-free banana and oat pancakes.
    7. Spiralized veggies are a healthy and tasty side dish, the best being beets, carrots, zucchini, and jimica—cooked or raw.
    8. Bake your favorite breads and baked goods with coconut flour, banana flour, or almond flour.
    9. Kale or veggie chips, which are easy to make at home in an oven or dehydrator.
    10. One of the many growing options in gluten-free products found in health food and everyday grocery stores.

    Not sure if you have a gluten allergy? The symptoms are so every day that many fail to realize that they do. This article will help.

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