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    A Walking Workout Couldn’t Be Easier!

    Easy Walking Workout

    Whether your goal is to lose weight, balance out your sedentary work day, or simply maintain optimal health—your workouts don’t have to be hard. Many busy adults are turning to easy-breezy walking workouts that allow them to burn calories and fat without too much fuss.

    Pick Up The Pace

    Your goal should be to walk for at least 30 minutes per workout, with shorter 5, 10, and 15 minutes walks sprinkled in-between. Burn more calories and fat, and get your heart pumping by picking up the pace. If not a brisk walk, then walk uphill or on uneven terrain like sand or snow. Also consider leg, arm, or handheld weights; a pound or two is all you need.

    Unplug If You Can

    For full mind/body benefits, try to unplug while you work out—with the exception of listening to music or a book on tape. But if you must, go ahead and chat with a friend during your walking workout. Just avoid stressful calls.

    Don’t Forget The Details

    You must have supportive shoes and hydration. You must maintain proper form when you walk by tucking in your hips, activating your core, and walking with proper posture. If the terrain you are walking is uneven, you will need to adjust your form accordingly.

    We all walk throughout the day, so it can be tricky to consider walking as a workout—but it is!

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