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    Green Your Diet—It’s Easier Than You Think

    Green Your Diet

    Food is a necessity, but not all food is created equally. Some foods are shipped from across the nation or around the world and have a high carbon footprint. Some food products are wrapped in wasteful packaging, and some foods are all around more damaging to the environment than other. Here is how you can green your diet.

    1. Plant a garden. Even a small indoor garden or herb garden will drastically lower your food carbon footprint—and encourage you to eat more healthy fruits and veggies. Also, consider learning how to forage or fish.
    2. Don’t waste your food. Don’t allow food to spoil and be thrown away, and when you eat out, take your leftovers home–preferably in a recyclable or reusable container. Also, dine in farm-to-table restaurants.
    3. Support your local farmers and artisans. Buying locally-sourced food will support local businesses, lower your carbon footprint, and introduce you to some amazing seasonal produce and food products.
    4. Learn how to compost. This will drastically reduce your waste and provide you with excellent fertilizer for your garden.
    5. Reduce your meat consumption. You don’t have to become a vegan or vegetarian, as just 1 meat-free day—or 3 meat-free meals a week goes a long way in greening your diet and reducing carbon emissions.

    As you can see, the tips above are easily accessible—so it doesn’t have to be hard to green your diet!

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