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    Non-Toy Gift Alternatives

    Non-Toy Gift Alternatives

    Toys might be fast and easy to buy, but ask any parent and they will tell you that there just isn’t enough room—or the toys don’t hold their kid’s interest for long. If you are looking for non-toy gift alternatives, consider the options below.

    1. Board games, card games, or educational electronic games.
    2. Clothing, shoes, slippers, pjs, coat, etc. Just make sure you know their size.
    3. Gift certificates are perfect for pre-teens and teenagers.
    4. Ask mom and dad what items the kids need for their upcoming sports season.
    5. Arts and craft items, particularly extracurricular-specific items.
    6. Tickets to the movies, theater, ice skating rink, bowling, miniature golf, or other kid-friendly local hot spots.
    7. A gift basket of fun foods and snacks.
    8. Books—either eBooks or real books.
    9. Electronic gadgets, DIY science kids, or other fun educational items.
    10. Cash, savings bonds, or other mini investments.
    11. Monthly subscription box.
    12. Tuition for a camp or class they are interested in.
    13. Dress up clothing or age-appropriate jewelry.
    14. Bath and body products.
    15. A day trip or vacation with you.

    This list of non-toy gift alternatives will help you find the perfect gift for all the kids on your list! Perfect for the upcoming holidays, or for any year-round gift ideas.

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