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    Don’t Let Seasonal Allergies Keep You Down

    Combat Seasonal Allergies

    Spring and summer can be a conflicting time for those with seasonal allergies. As much as you love the warmer weather it comes with an increase in pollen that can leave you feeling less than your best. But you don’t have to let seasonal allergies keep you down.

    Don’t Leave Home Without It

    Test a few different antihistamines to find ones that minimize your symptoms without leaving you feeling groggy. Then, make sure you keep them with you at all times. This will provide rapid relief when the wind starts blowing up allergens. If it’s helpful carry eye drops, and don’t forget a stash of Kleenex.

    Be Proactive

    If you have yet to try a nasal irrigation system, now is the time! For me, it reduces my symptoms by at least 90 percent—without an antihistamine. But I must use it within a day or two of allergy onset for substantial results. Also, add seasonal honey to your daily tea or toast, and take lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, sold as Kyo-Dophilus in stores. Designed to maintain digestive health and parts of the immune system but is also proven to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

    While you can’t control the pollen and allergens in the air you can control the impact they have on your life!

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