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    Would You Wear The Same Outfit Every Day?

    Could You Wear The Same Outfit Every Day?

    It might sound a bit radical at first, but how much easier would it be to get dressed each and every day if you had only one outfit to choose from? Heck, even your laundry would be easier! It’s a trend celebs like of Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and even Albert Einstein are notorious for. Could you wear the same outfit every day?

    Why Not?

    When you find a perfectly fitted suit, a comfy t-shirt, or a figure-flattering pair of jeans—why not buy it in multiples? For a bit more variety, buy them in multiple colors so you can mix and match.

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Exact

    While your top and trousers may be the same, you can mix things up with different jackets, scarves, shoes, and accessories. For example, you could wear a perfectly tailored navy suit every day, with different ties, pocket squares, scarfs, blouses, or dress shirt.

    Just Think Of The Time You Would Save

    If you still aren’t sold, just think of the time you would save. You could essentially go to your closet and pull out any top and any bottom and they would work together. This makes wearing the same thing every day perfect for the fashion challenged.

    While you would still need formal attire and outfits for special occasions, having a go-to daily wardrobe can certainly make things easy. And no, wearing the same thing every day doesn’t have to be casual—there are two world-renowned designers on that list above!

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