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    3 Reasons You Need To Spend More Time In Nature

    spend more time in nature

    Spending more time in nature could include everything from hiking, camping, swimming, or heading to a local park to sitting or walking along a local lake or waterway. Ideally, you should be far enough away from the sounds and hustle and bustle of city life, but even if you are still fairly close, there are many reasons you need to spend more time in nature.

    Decreased Stress And Increased Happiness

    We all have stressors, but spending just 20 minutes in nature 2 days a week can help you decrease stress, reduce anxiety, combat depression, and boost your overall happiness. This includes your local urban parks.

    Increased Immunity

    The combination of the fresh air and the immunity-boosting effects of decreased stress mean the more time you spend in nature, the less likely you are to get sick.

    Increased Physical Fitness

    Even if your time spent outdoors is a casual or leisurely stroll, the time you spend in nature almost always positively contributes to your level of physical fitness. Kick things up a notch by hiking, cycling, playing catch with your furbaby, playing with your kids, horseback riding, or even taking an outdoor fitness class.

    Last, spending time in nature helps to bring clarity, focus, and peace of mind.

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