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    Set Your Intention To Minimize Procrastination

    Set Your Intention

    I don’t know about you, but I often put things off until the last minute—I procrastinate. To make matters even worse, sometimes I am even more productive when I have a jam-packed to-do list, and less productive when I’m caught up. It’s backward right? If you can learn to set your intention each day for the things you need to do, you can nip procrastination in the bud.

    Your Daily List

    Before you actually sit down and get to work, create your daily to-do list. Prioritize the things on the list by: need to do, nice to do, and can rollover to the next day if needed. Also, create a list of things you don’t want to forget, but don’t need to be done today. And of course, transfer the rollover items you didn’t get to yesterday. Your list might have to be updated after checking your inbox and messages. Also, consider leaving a tad bit of breathing room in your schedule for the inevitable job and personal responsibilities that pop up.

    Set Your Intention

    Once your list is complete set your intention for the day. This includes your personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual intention—and also what you intend to cross off your list. Then, as you sit down, set out, or start each item you need to do—state and set your intention out loud. For example, “I intend to finish my report in the next 30 minutes.” This might feel funny at first, but I’m telling you it works!

    Another thing that I learned about this method of intentional living, is that I feel a strong sense of accomplishment after wrapping up even the smallest of tasks—which further encourages me to stop procrastinating!

    Bonus Tip—Complete the “to-dos” you like least first so that you don’t consciously or subconsciously spend the rest of the day avoiding (aka. procrastinating) them.
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