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    Tips For Your First Vacation Together As A Couple

    Planning The Perfect Couple's Vacation

    Whether you have been together for a while or things are just starting to get serious, planning a first vacation together is a big deal. Here are some things to keep in mind.

    Expect The Unexpected

    Traveling can be super stressful, part of which is because travel plans can quickly and easily go awry. If your flight is delayed, excursion get canceled or the weather is unexpected—just go with the flow. Otherwise, you will waste time worrying about something you can’t change.

    Plan Time Apart

    While a romantic weekend or week together is the goal, the truth is spending every second together isn’t always as great as it sounds—so schedule in some time apart. This could be as simple as a massage, spa time, a solo excursion, or even just dining solo.

    Don’t Overbook Yourself

    While planning your excursions and activities leave in some free time. This will give you time to hit up spots you find once you arrive at your travel destination, and even some much-needed time for rest and relaxation. Certainly, schedule in the things you want to do, but leave a buffer so you aren’t running frantically between activities.

    Last but not least, while the goal is to relax being on vacation when outside of your comfort zone it’s not unusual for a few tensions to arise. Take them with a grain of salt and enjoy your couple’s vacation!

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