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    What To Do When Your Travel Plans Go Awry

    When Travel Plans Go Awry

    Many families have to save all year for their annual vacation, or save for several years for a dream vacation—so every second of that week or two away counts. Those who travel frequently for work or pleasure often take several mini trips where time is of the essence. With all that goes into planning your trip, what do you do when your travel plans go awry?

    Stay Calm And Accept What You Can’t Control

    You get to the airport and see that your flight is canceled or delayed, or weather keeps your cruise from stopping at a port, your tour bus gets a flat, or for one reason or another, your excursion is canceled. These can all be heartbreaking because you have been looking forward to your perfect vacation. However, it is better to take a few minutes to be frustrated—then find the bright side. If not, you will waste your time off being stressed to the max. And, there is no need to scream at the customer service agents—because they did not create the delay or cancellation, and they are having a bad day too.

    Create A Plan B

    Either before you leave for home, or as soon as the wrench in your plans arises—find your plan B. There has to be something else fun you can do instead of pouting. One day when I had what turned out to be a 12-hour airport delay, I got a manicure and massage, dined at a 5-star airport restaurant, and did some shopping. I could have sat and fumed all day, but instead, I made the most of it.

    In most cases, your travel provider will offer a refund, discount, or credit—but even if they don’t—don’t let an unexpected change in your travel plans ruin your next trip.

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