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    Is There A Downside Of Being A Digital Nomad?

    Downside Of Being A Digital Nomad

    Do you dream of traveling more? Of working from your laptop from anywhere in the world? Of traveling full-time or part-time? It’s easier now than ever to make this a reality. Once you achieve your goal of freedom you need to be prepared for the downside of being a digital nomad.

    You’ll Need To Work Harder To Maintain Your Social Circle

    The more you travel the more you will be away from your nearest and dearest. This means you will need to work harder to stay in touch. Even with modern technology the time zone difference can make things challenging—and some friends won’t be accepting of your new way of life, so your relationship may change. Put yourself out there so that you can meet as many new people as you can while traveling. Coworking spaces and cafes are an excellent place to meet people.

    You Will Need Some Sort Of Schedule

    While not having a schedule sounds like a dream come true and is great for small bursts of time off work, it can’t be a way of life. While your schedule may vary greatly from one day or week to the next you must commit to a work schedule, to weekly activities, and to getting out and about. Otherwise, you can fall into a downward spiral. Before you begin your travels make a Bucket List and goals that you want to achieve and schedule that in. No, not every second needs to be planned but you must have a daily purpose.

    There are so many positives of breaking free from the limited way most of us have spent our lives living, but like many who are recently retired are surprised to find—there are some downsides that you must be proactive about.

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