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  • Minimalist Approach To Vacationing

    A Minimalist Approach To Vacationing

    I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I get back from vacation I am exhausted. While I had an excellent time, I don’t always achieve my goal of relaxation. This…

  • Hotel Room Coffee Pot Cuisine
    food travel

    Hotel Room Cuisine—Just Add Water

    I spend a lot of time in hotels, many of which don’t have a fridge or microwave. While enjoying the local cuisine is one of my favorite parts about traveling, sometimes…

  • When Travel Plans Go Awry

    What To Do When Your Travel Plans Go Awry

    Many families have to save all year for their annual vacation, or save for several years for a dream vacation—so every second of that week or two away counts. Those who…

  • Why A Boutique Hotel

    What The Heck Is A Boutique Hotel?

    You have probably heard the term, but if you have yet to experience a boutique hotel—you might not be sure exactly what it is. However, that is part of the fun,…

  • Where To Next

    Where To Next?

    Not sure where to go for your next vacation? Your options are endless, but you want to make sure to select a spot that you won’t soon forget. Below are a…

  • Travel Like A Local

    How To Travel Like A Local

    One of the great things about traveling to a foreign country is getting to immerse yourself in the local culture. However, many tourists never make it outside of the tourist attractions.…

  • Have Fun As A Local Tourist

    Spend The Day As A Local Tourist

    I am lucky enough to travel quite frequently. When I tell people where I have lived over the years, they always respond with the places in my local area they have…

  • Coworking Spaces or Coffee Shops
    travel work

    Coworking Spaces Or Coffee Shops?

    With more of us working full-time or part-time from our laptops, you may be searching for somewhere to work other than your home office. Or maybe you are searching for a…