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    Can You Run Your Business From Your Home?

    Can You Run Your Business From Home?

    With a fast-growing trend in freelancing and home-based businesses, those who never considered themselves to be an entrepreneur are working from home part-time or full-time. As you consider joining this growing workforce, don’t forget to consider if you can legally run your business from home.

    Most Art And Online-Only Work Is Ok

    Whether you rent or own, every home, apartment, or building is zoned for residential, commercial, or mixed use. Also, your building or housing community may have work and usage rules. For example, if you have a lot of traffic or if you want to teach loud music lessons your business may not be allowed. In most cases, you can complete non-toxic and non-disruptive art from home or run an online-online or remote business from home—But it is in your best interest to double check. You may not be allowed to have clients or employees at home, or at least not covered by your insurance. Figure this out before you start working from home.

    Consider Coworking

    One of the advantages of working from home is that you can keep your overhead costs low. If you require more than a home office, are starting to outgrow your home workspace, need a meeting space, or your home isn’t zoned for the type of work you do—consider coworking. There are a variety of coworking business models to choose from. This includes spots you can drop in as needed, workspace or offices you can rent monthly, sharing a section of a traditionally leased space with another business, or renting out meeting space as needed.

    Definitely look for ways to expand your income and business opportunities by working from home, just make sure your business is allowed. That being said, if you can run your business from home, why wouldn’t you?

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