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    The Surprising Benefits Of Letting Go

    The Benefits Of Letting Go

    A childhood trauma, the love of your life, your long-term friend turned frenemy—these are just of the few things you may hesitate to let go of. Sometimes we hold-on out of comfort, the fear of the unknown, or in the hopes of having our perspective validated. But how much time should you invest in things that drag you down? Letting go has some surprising benefits.


    The stress that comes with living in the past, or trying to force something that will never work can be quite overwhelming. Once you truly let go, you will feel as though a million pound weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.


    No longer weighed down by something you can’t change or control, you will feel an overwhelming sense of freedom. The energy, both conscious and subconscious, that you used to invest in stress—can now be invested somewhere productive.


    Perception is reality, but in most cases everyone is a little bit right and a little bit wrong. With some time and space, you may be able to see and appreciate all sides of things. Do this with love, and without getting pulled back in.

    Life is meant to be filled with joy, anything less isn’t really living!


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