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    Why You Should Add Sheet Masks To Your Beauty Routine

    Why You Should Use Sheet Masks

    I’ve always been a fan of facial masks, but the recent trend in K-beauty sheet masks has me hooked. Here is why you need to add them to your beauty routine ASAP. And yes, men can use them too!


    The mask itself is infused with ultra-hydrating serums, that thanks to the mask—can deeply penetrate your skin. I start with washing and exfoliating my face and splashing on warm water to open my pores. Then I sit back and relax for 20 minutes or so with my mask on.

    Super Targeted

    All face masks are designed to address specific skin care issues, but sheet masks take things to the next level—addressing a long and growing list of skincare and beauty concerns. And while designed to be disposable, since they are super infused with their specialty serum I can typically get two uses out of every mask.

    You Don’t Have To Use A Disposable Mask

    While made of cotton there is a waste concern with sheet masks, make your own hydrating serum at home—using rose petals instead of a cotton mask. Honey-based face masks are the best for hydration and the rose petals will help keep the honey in place. You could also use a washable cotton cloth that you cut in a similar manner to a sheet mask.

    At least give them a try before you count them out!

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