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    Should You Be Facebook Friends With Your Ex?

    Should You Be Facebook Friends With Your Ex

    Unfriending anyone can lead to hurt feelings and drama, so what do you do when you and your other half break up? Should you still be Facebook friends with your ex?

    In Most Cases No

    It can be really hard to hit that delete button as it can feel like the one last window into your former lover’s life. However, it’s an unhealthy window because it makes it more challenging to heal and move on. Unfriend from all social media if:

    • You just broke up.
    • You still have feelings.
    • They still have feelings.
    • You can’t resist the temptation of scrolling through their photos and posts.
    • You don’t want them scrolling through your photos and posts.

    Short-Lived May Be Ok

    If you only dated for a brief period of time, it may not hurt to remain friends. Then again, if you weren’t a good fit—do you need to remain friends on Facebook?

    Friend Requests From Exes

    We’ve all had a friend request from someone we dated years ago. Should you accept? If there is still hurt, or if the relationship ended poorly, don’t do it. Or, if you worry they (or you) can’t just be friends, no. If the relationship was more than 10 years ago, and you genuinely want to catch up, go ahead. If it’s easier, just don’t respond to the request.

    The most important thing to remember is that we beak up with people for a reason. So, should you be Facebook friends with your ex? In most cases, no.

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