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    Not Good At Expressing Your Feelings?

    Not Good At Expressing Your Feelings?

    If you can’t seem to find the right words, or the words get stuck in your mouth—try one of these ideas instead.

    Put It In Writing

    If you feel shy saying the words out loud, put your heartfelt feelings in writing. Some of us are simply better at expressing ourselves in written word. If you aren’t an excellent writer, you can also write something like “My 5 favorite things about you”, “You make me smile when you”, “How my life is better because of you”. Then write out 5 or more unique things about your partner that correspond.

    There’s Nothing Wrong With A Card

    There are some truly awe-inspiring cards with poems and loving words. Take your time in selecting one that expresses exactly how you feel. Personalize the card by adding a line or two of your own. Really surprise your loved one by sending your card in the mail.

    Say I Love You

    If you prefer, just keep it short and sweet. Look your loved one in the eye every day and say those three little words. Have fun with it, write it in frosting on a cake or giant cookie, leave it written in steam or lipstick on the bathroom mirror, or on a handmade art or craft project.

    Whatever you do, let the one you love know how you feel!

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