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    How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

    Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

    You work hard all year round to maintain healthy habits. From minimizing carbs, to skipping desserts, working out regularly, and drinking alcohol in moderation—but the holidays can really throw a wrench in things. Here is how to stay healthy this holiday season.

    Alternative Workouts

    With a growing list of holiday events and activities, you may not be able to maintain your regular workout schedule. To stay on track, look for alternatives—such as walking during your lunch break and doing more at-home workouts.

    Allow Yourself To Overindulge

    Instead of skipping your favorite holiday foods, desserts, and beverages—enjoy them. Even go as far as to overindulge. To balance things out, keep your breakfast and lunch healthy, and take the time to savor your holiday treats.

    Stick To The Same Alcoholic Beverage

    With so many parties you may find yourself drinking a bit more than usual, maybe even on weeknights. To minimize hangovers, stick to the same beverage all night—and 0 to 3 per night. Make sure you Uber it or use a designated driver when needed.

    With a bit of intention, you can stay healthy this holiday season.

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