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    How To Apologize Effectively

    How To Apologize Effectively

    Along the way, we all do or say things that are careless, hurtful, of the moment, or unintentionally damaging to our relationships. Sometimes we are unaware of what we have said or done, but when we realize the impact of our actions or words it is wise to apologize. Here’s how to apologize effectively. It may not be easy to admit you were “wrong” but it’s not always about right and wrong but about character and courage.

    Cool Down First

    If you are angry or embarrassed, you are unlikely to deliver a sincere apology. It’s better to cool down first, think about where things went awry, even if unintentionally, then deliver a thoughtful apology.

    Don’t Apologize For The Sake Of Apologizing

    The only thing worse than no apology is an insincere apology, such as a snippy, snappy, huffy, or rolling your eyes while you speak apology. Your tone and body language will speak louder than your words and may do more damage than good.

    Remorse And Responsibility

    As an adult, an apology must show responsibility and remorse for your words or behavior. If you don’t feel remorse for, as an example, your direct nature—show remorse for overstepping someone else’s personal boundaries.

    Last but not least, choose your words carefully. No, “I’m sorry but…” or “I’m sorry you feel that way…”.

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