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    Are You A Multipotentialite?

    Are You A Multipotentialite?

    From a young age we are all taught that once we pick a career we should stick with it for the long haul—maybe working our way up the ladder, or at least trying a new company or two on for size along the way. But this path doesn’t work for multipotentialite’s.

    What Is A Multipotentialite?

    A multipotentialite is a person who has an intellectual or artistic curiosity that gives them a passion for more than one thing. This includes career skills and hobby-related skills, which can often be turned into a career. Sometimes these will be a combination of both left and right brain interests. This video explains it brilliantly.

    Embrace Your Diversity

    While not everyone will understand, you must not suppress your passions and desires. Embrace your diverse and evolving interests and you will find unique opportunities, and even career choices, that only your unique skill set can fulfill. Not only that you will feel happier and more fulfilled—especially if you can turn your interests into your day to day job.

    Some Interests Will Fade

    Multipotentialite or not, we all have interests that will fade over the years. Even things we once looked forward to with great excitement may fizzle out. That is ok, it just means that you are continually growing. Move on to the next thing that feels right, and you will and take the lessons you learned from your previous interest and experience with you.

    While some labels can be limiting, embracing your multipotentiality can be empowering!

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