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    Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

    Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

    We all love to save a bit of money on the things we need or gifts for our loved ones. This is why the day after Thanksgiving, or the night after—people head out shopping or spend hours standing in long lines to take advantage of holiday sales. But is it really worth heading out on Black Friday, or should you just stick with online shopping on Cyber Monday?

    It Depends

    There are without a doubt some amazing deals on both days, but unless you are in the market for a minimally priced flat screen TV that you are willing to stand in line overnight for—it may not be worth the time and stress. Or, just wait until the afternoon when the hardcore shoppers are home napping. The stand-in-line-for doorbusters will be gone, but there will still be plenty of great deals to choose from.

    Shop Online Instead

    Black Friday shopping starts for most retailers online on Thanksgiving Day, and many Cyber Monday deals are also available before Monday.

    Fun Not Stress

    As great as it is to save a few dollars here and there, there will be holiday deals until Christmas Day. If the mad dash, long lines, and aggressive shoppers stress you out—it may not be worth the cost savings.

    Also, consider alternatives to traditional shopping and gifts—such as handmade items, tickets to a game or show, perishable items, or subscription boxes.

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