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    Would You Go Makeup Free?

    Would You Go Makeup Free?

    In a world where we are bombarded by perfectly airbrushed and photoshopped beauties, the pressure to look our best has never been higher. So much so that many ladies won’t even think about leaving the house without makeup. Here are just a few reasons why you should go makeup free at least on occasion.

    Many Leading Ladies Are Leading The Way

    You don’t have to look long or hard to find makeup free selfies on Instagram of celebrities from all walks of life, but some do so with intention. Actress Mila Kunis was featured on the cover of Glamour magazine with no makeup, Shailene Woodley has arrived at many red carpets without makeup, Lupita Nyong’o only wears makeup on red carpets, and after shooting a music video without a stitch of makeup songbird Alicia Keys is 100% makeup free everyday—even as a host of The Voice.

    You’re Setting An Example

    While it is essential to dress for success, and for the occasion at hand, we must also be mindful that our approach to beauty is being watched by the younger generation—both the girls and the boys. While you may not opt to embrace a daily makeup free regimen, at least be mindful of the way you speak regarding leaving the house without makeup. On your days off consider toning down your usual beauty routine.

    If you can’t wrap your head around going without, consider a tinted moisturizer for a light coverage.

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