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    Stressed To The Max? Try A Mindful Pause

    Try A Mindful Pause

    You have the power to press pause at any time in your day, as long as it’s safe to do so—and take a short mindful pause. In less than a minute you can refocus and recharge. Here’s how it works.

    A 60 Second Or Less Mindful Pause

    Sit up straight or get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath in and out for at least 10 or 15 seconds. Nice deep and full breaths. End your mindful breathing exercise with a question: Which of my character strengths can be of assistance at this very moment?

    Not Just For Stressful Occasions

    While the first thing that might come to mind is a way to alleviate stress, the goal is to be present in the current moment. This makes mindfulness practices perfect for any time of day or night: when you first wake up before you head to bed for the night when you are distracted when you are busy when you are happy and want to savor the moment.

    A Mindful Gateway

    If you love the idea of mindfulness but haven’t found any of the other practices to be effective, start with a pause. As you begin to realize and appreciate the benefits of mindfulness, you will be open to other mindful practices.

    Here’s to being present!

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