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    Vegan At Home But Vegetarian While Traveling

    Vegan At Home But Vegetarian While Traveling

    I have a friend who is a die-hard vegan, but after taking a job that requires her to travel about 2 weeks out of the month—she realized that she must be vegetarian while traveling, or she ends up malnourished, irritable, tired, and sick. Unless you are traveling to a major metropolis with tons of vegan options or a country where meat is not expected with every meal—it may be healthier to be vegan at home but vegetarian while traveling. Why? Because you can’t survive on iceberg lettuce, carrot sticks, and dinner rolls.

    You Need More Than Veggies

    Most restaurants will have salads with meat-free proteins such as mushrooms, avocado, and tofu. However, you will need more than veggies while you travel. This is of greater importance if your meals are provided during your business trip where vegan alternatives are unlikely. Even if there are vegan restaurants nearby the group you are traveling with may not want to go.

    Bring Your Protein With

    So that you don’t find yourself unreasonably famished, bring your protein with you. This includes vegan protein bars and nuts, both of which are easy to travel with. Bring in zip-top baggies or travel-sized containers so that you always have a source of protein nearby.

    Identify Your Alternative Proteins Before You Arrive

    Eggs, cheese, and seafood are likely to be your easiest protein alternatives while you travel. If you don’t travel often, introduce both to your diet a week or so before you travel. Don’t forget to check which protein-rich vegan grains are common locally.

    To support your usual diet, try to rent accommodations with a kitchen. However, don’t forget that trying the local cuisine is one of the joys of traveling.

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