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    Keeping Up With Your Daily Gratitude Journal

    Daily Gratitude Journal

    Whether life is going great or things could use some improvement, keeping a daily gratitude journal can boost the joy in your life. It helps you appreciate the small things that we often take for granted, and even helps you slow down enough to stop and engage with life.

    Journal Anyway You Like

    It’s never been easier to keep a daily gratitude journal. Download an app, write in a traditional journal or notebook, or create an artistically designed Word or Google Doc to write the things that bring you joy. However, if your journal is mobile you will be more likely to take notice of the little things. You could even create an album of gratitude photos.

    Start Small And Your List Will Grow

    The goal of writing down the 5 to 10 (or more) things you are grateful for each day is to try not to repeat the same things every day. This can be achieved by being specific, because some things will repeat—such as the flowers blooming in spring or the tasty meals you savor. Organize your list by day, or keep a running numerical count until your journal is full, or until you reach a predetermined grateful number.

    If times are tough and you are struggling to see the good, start with the smallest of things—from having food in the fridge, the air your breath, your computer, smartphone, transportation to work, your pets, and friends. Before you know it, you will be able to spot things to be grateful for everywhere you explore.

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