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    How Box-Checking Limits Your Life

    Box-Checking Limits Your Life

    It’s one of the many topics that former First Lady Michelle Obama touches on in her inspirational book Becoming. Like many of us, she was dedicated to checking off boxes of societal achievement and success. While she excelled quickly she realized that box-checking limited her life, as it may be limiting yours.

    We Forget What We Love

    In our effort to do well in school, get into a good college, launch our career, get married by a certain age, buy a home, start a family and achieve other milestones—we almost always lose sight of what makes our heart sing. For those of us who have not lost sight of what we love, we often limit or abandon what we love because we are told it is not responsible or that it’s time to grow up.

    It Blinds You To Amazing Opportunities

    It’s always good to have a plan, but when you are too focused on achieving your goal as planned—you often miss amazing opportunities. This could be that your commitment to focus only on work and school keeps you from connecting with those you hold nearest and dearest. Or that you miss out on a faster, easier, or more suitable way to achieve your goals.

    You Lose You

    Last but not least, when you are so busy trying to create and maintain an image of societal success—the entirety of your decisions becomes based on what others will think of you, or how you believe you will be perceived. This means that you lose your authenticity and your power.

    By focusing instead on the natural flow of things you can create a life that is full of love, joy, and connection!

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