Ditch Your Diet During The Holidays

    Ditch Your Diet During The Holidays

    One of the joys of the holiday season are the seasonal foods. Even though I know that I can order my Starbucks salted caramel latte and peppermint mocha year-round, I only drink them in November and December. Here’s how to partake in the season’s cuisine without packing on the pounds.

    Schedule Your Treats In

    You can’t indulge in every treat that presents itself, so make a clear plan. For starters, select 2 to 5 days that you allow yourself to splurge 100%. This may include Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. In terms of the other inevitable desserts and drinks, allow yourself a set number per week. I like to keep this to 5 or less. For example, 2 seasonal coffees, 2 seasonal cocktails, and one seasonal dessert.

    Moderation Is Key

    If you indulge in a few extra desserts for the next 6 weeks you aren’t likely to gain much weight, that is unless moderation is an issue. For example, 2 holiday cookies per serving—not 10. But skip the moderation on your primary days of feast.

    Adjust Your Routine

    This is a busy season but try to increase your weekly workouts by one. If you can’t make that happen find more opportunities to stand, walk, and move. Also, increase your water and herbal tea intake. If you have digestion problems take a proactive approach by adding more fermented foods to your diet, or whatever works for you. Since you will be treating yourself with greater frequency, ensure that your other daily meals are a bit healthier than usual.

    Last but not least, don’t feel guilty about the temporary diet ditch—as food is an essential part of the holiday tradition!

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