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    Managing Mental Health In The Midst Of Covid-19

    Managing Mental Health

    With the combination of Covid-19 stress and social distancing, loneliness and depression are on the rise. This includes those who already struggle with mental health and those who rarely or never struggle with their mental health. These tips will help.

    1. Stay as virtually sociable as possible by talking on the phone and video chatting with multiple people per day. You can still text and email but hearing and seeing someone else helps you feel more connected and engaged.
    2. Consider remote therapy. If you haven’t yet check with your therapist to see if you can schedule phone or video sessions. You can also head online to Better Health or other online counseling websites.
    3. Exercise is a must. Between fitness apps, YouTube, paid subscriptions, and live streaming a class or personal training session you have tons of options to choose from. Try new workouts to keep things fun. Also, consider 2 workouts a day, one for cardio and strength training and one gentle for movement, stretching, and circulation.
    4. Alleviate stress in ways that work for you. This might include yoga, meditation, listening to a sleep story at night, ASMR, binaural beats, a bath, arts and crafts, and more.
    5. Limit your news intake. Find one or two trusted sources to read or listen to the news each day and limit yourself to a maximum of 1 hour per day to check Covid-19 related news and updates. Midday may be best so that you are neither starting or ending your day in flux.

    Last but not least, stay hydrated and limit sugars, fried foods, and processed foods.

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