Why You Shouldn’t Plan Every Second Of Your Vacation

    Why You Shouldn't Plan Every Second Of Your Vacation

    Unless you are taking an overnight or quick weekend getaway you must leave a bit of downtime. Here is why you shouldn’t plan every second of your vacation.

    It’s Your Vacation

    You definitely want to make the most of your time off but not at the expense of running yourself ragged. Plan 1 to 3 activities per day, depending on how long each will take, and leave some free time to sleep in, nap, wander, and engage with locals.

    You’ll Miss Out

    While the goal of your schedule is to ensure that you don’t miss a thing when your schedule is tight you will miss out. You’ll spend your entire vacation rushing from one activity to the next, which means you won’t be as present as you could be. Also, this is stressful. And, if you visit an attraction you love you might want to stay longer.

    The Best Things In Life Can’t Be Scheduled

    It’s the mini moments in life that we remember most, not the rushing from one activity to the next. So take your time and keep your plans light. Engage with locals and leave some room to go places they suggest. If you are traveling with a group, don’t force the group to spend every second together. For example, schedule 4 hours of free time a day. You can head to the beach, your partner can go shopping, and your teens can take a surfing lesson.

    Vacations should be fun, not stressful so leave the schedule at home.

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