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    The Truth About Your Metabolism Slowing Down

    Metabolism Slowing Down

    We have all heard that by the time we are in our 30s that our metabolism will slow down so much that we will inevitably gain a pound or two each year. Here is the truth about your metabolism slowing down.

    1 Percent Loss Per Year

    Our metabolism is the rate at which our body burns energy, aka. calories. By around the age of 20 our metabolism will slow about 1 percent each year—which can lead to gradual weight gain. But this isn’t the only concern.

    Physical Fitness Drops As Many Of Us Age

    In addition to the gradual decline of energy burned each day we tend to become more sedentary and less physically active as we age. And some of us are more relaxed about our diet as we age. When you combine theses 3 factors together rapid weight gain can occur.

    How To Give Your Metabolism A Boost

    To counterbalance the gradual decline you can give your metabolism a boost by:

    • Working out, especially interval training
    • Moving  more, like standing at your computer instead of sitting
    • Drinking 3 cups of green tea each day
    • Eating more spicy peppers
    • Getting a good night’s sleep
    • Spreading your protein out evenly through the day

    Most importantly, maintain a well-balanced diet of healthy whole foods and keep your stress to a minimum.

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