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Detox diets-are they effective?

We eat too much, too fast and not in the right times. We accumulate toxins in our body and even when we try to eat healthy, we notice that we are still tired. Some think that this is due to some bad habits, like not enough sleep, while others believe that a detox diet is necessary. Are these diets really effective?What is the truth?

First of all, there are hundreds of detox diets that you can try. Some people eat only fruits for a few days, others drink soup and a few of them drink only water. They all say that they feel great after that and they gained the energy that they lost.What is the cause?In general, when you try a detox diet you don’t only eat fruits. You give up coffee, soda,sweets and you go to bed early. It’s not necessarily what you eat, but also what you do in the rest of the time. Eating natural food, giving up stress and plenty of sleep; who can feel bad with this?!

But are the toxins really going out? Well, there’s a big debate regarding this issue. Our body has a natural way of removing toxins, and we don’t have a room with green toxins in our body that we can open. Considering this, a detox diet will not necessarily clean everything bad in our body just because we eat only fruits. But will it help us? For sure!

When you stop eating bad food, you give a break to your digestive system. Your stomach does not have to fight to digest heavy meals soaked in oil. Your digestion will be improved and your metabolic rate will increase. When you burn calories faster, you feel lighter. Most of the people who finish a detox diet will maintain a balanced diet in the following months, because they will get rid of their food addictions or digestive problems. They will feel detoxified and happy!

What type of detox diet should you choose? There isn’t a strict recipe that you have to follow, but you have to give up any kind of processed food. If it comes in a bag, don’t eat it.Also, forget about coffee and alcohol. You can maintain a diet based on fresh fruits, veggies and seeds. Any strict diet that does not allow you to eat any solid food should be approved by your doctor.
Remember that your body is unique and you have to learn what works for you. Experiment with different foods and in the end you will find the right detox diet for you.

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