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Carbohydrates-Should you get rid of them?

We’ve all heard about carbs-free diets, and how incredibly effective they are. Some people say that they would never touch a piece of bread again, while others swear that they lost a few pounds from the first 3 days. Sure, all this sounds tempting for you, but why give up all these treats? Pizza and pancakes, pastries and toast, what else will you eat for lunch? And if you do, will this help you lose weight? Well, the answer is more complicated than this:

Carbohydrates don’t make you fat! There, I said it, and there are probably some people who disagree with me. However, this is a pure truth! Carbohydrates are not tiny monsters that make you gain two pounds per day, but a group of organic compounds that will give you energy for the day. Many people believe that carbs will make you fat only because these macronutrients are associated with sugar. Also, they are the body’s main source of energy!

So, why people get weight when they eat carbs?

That’s a great question! What people don’t know, is that fruits and vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but you will never see a diet recommending you to skip your veggies. What they tell you to skip is the Pizza, the bread, the chocolate and all these treats. These do not contain only a big amount of carbohydrates, but also a huge amount of calories and sugar! The problem is not that people eat carbs, but that people eat the wrong type of carbs.

How can you eat carbs and still maintain a healthy weight?

Well, you have to eat the right carbs at the right time. In a simple way, carbohydrates are divided into simple carbs and complex carbs. While simple carbs are found in fruits, veggies, dairy products, sweets and syrup, they are the first ones to be digested and used as a source of energy. This will give you a spike in your energy levels, but also a drop after a few hours. If you need to run in a marathon and you feel a complete lack of energy; you can use the simple carbs to help you pass this moment. On the other hand, if you have them excessively in your daily diet, you should expect some weight gain.

Complex carbohydrates, however, are found in peas, beans, lentils, peanuts, cereals and so on, and they will give you energy for a longer period of time. These are the kind of carbs that you want in your diet, and that might actually help you lose weight and maintain you full for a longer time.


There is no “bad food-good food”, but it’s all about giving yourself what you need, at the right time.

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