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Losing weight? Check out these tricks!

Alright, let’s be honest for a moment: we are never completely satisfied with our body. Sure, you love yourself and you do everything in your power to keep yourself healthy and happy. On the other hand, you wouldn’t mind losing a few inches from here and there.

Weight loss can be a real problem, and you find yourself overwhelmed by all this information that comes to you through the media. “Lose weight in just 10 days with this miracle diet!”; does this sound familiar? The good news is that you don’t have to starve yourself and you don’t need to eat only cabbage for a week; you can lose weight by making simple changes in your lifestyle.


  • Fill your plate with vegetables. You enjoy a hamburger more than a salad, and we can’t blame you. On the other hand, that hamburger will not help you lose weight or keep yourself fit. Instead of giving up all your favorite food, try something less drastic: make sure your plate consists of 70% vegetables, and 30% whatever you like. Another important trick is to eat the vegetables first; once you finish them, you can eat that bacon. For sure, after you ate all these veggies there won’t be much room in your stomach for bad food.
  • Drink a glass of water every two hours. You already know how important hydration is, so I’m not going to tell you more about that. If you are in the middle of your weight-loss journey and you feel like you can’t control your appetite, drink more water. To keep your cravings and appetite under control, drink a big glass of water every two hours. Apparently, our brain will make us feel hungry when we are slightly dehydrated; which means that you should drink a glass of water, but instead you eat.
  • Eat from smaller, darker plates. The color and the size of your plate is strongly connected to how much you eat. When you have a large portion on a large plate, you don’t realize how much you eat. Try to put the same portion on a small plate and you will see that it looks instantly like too much food for you to handle. To decrease your appetite, eat your food from dark plates; you will be surprised how well this trick works.
  • Eat more in the morning. Very often you leave your home without eating anything, with a cup of coffee in your hand. While you might think that “not eating” will help you lose weight, the effect will be the opposite. You don’t eat in the morning, so you will be starving until afternoon. When you are very hungry you don’t really think about making smart choices; you just eat whatever is available and in a big quantity. Try to get a good breakfast for a few days, and see how the amount of food that you eat in the afternoon is reduced significantly.
  • Take daily supplements. Of course, you should not do this without discussing with your doctor first. If you try and try and you can’t control your hunger pain, you might have a lack of vitamins in your body. Daily supplements will solve this problem for you, so you can go on and work for the body that you want!

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