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    Spring: A Time for Cleansing both Inside and Out

    Spring: A Time for Cleansing both Inside and Out

    Spring cleaning isn’t just a term invented by clever marketers to sell more mops.  Instead, this is a cycle that our bodies go through each year, prompted by the increase in sunlight through the longer days, as well as the warming temperatures.  We’re driven to pursue lighter, fresher foods as opposed to the heavier, denser foods we crave in the cold winter months.  In the same way, we choose to lighten our homes of the dust and grime that has accumulated during the darker days.  Let’s take a look at a refreshing way to accomplish both of these ideas by embodying the idea of Spring.

    For your body, take some time to fast, or eat very lightly.  Fasting for 3-5 days on only water or juiced vegetables is ideal.  This way, your body begins a process called autophagy, where cells are able to rid themselves of gathered waste material that they are otherwise unable to remove when we’re in a constant state of digestion.  Water is needed at all times for proper hydration and function, and freshly juiced vegetables can deliver a powerhouse of nutrients without all the bulk of the fiber so we can give our digestive system the break it needs.  Be careful with adding fruits.  Adding some fruit to your juice is fine for flavor, but fruits can be high in sugar, and sugar is a stress to our bodies that we want to avoid.

    When it comes to your home, natural is best.  You can make simple cleaners for nearly every purpose with baking soda or vinegar, and they’ll clean even the toughest soap scum in your shower or baked on sauce in your oven.  A great idea for your carpeted floors is to sprinkle baking soda on them, then let it sit for an hour or so before vacuuming.  This is a non-toxic way to remove any set in odors, and helps to kill any bacteria that may be in the fibers.  Don’t forget to open up as many windows as you can, to get much needed fresh air into your lungs.

    Take some time today to plan a Spring refresh for yourself and your home, it will be a pleasant time to renew your vitality.

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