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Tips for Women to Increase Fertility

Tips for Women to Increase Fertility

Ladies, some of us have a hard time in getting pregnant, and in keeping the pregnancy.  There can be many factors involved in this complex issue, and it can have negative effects on our mental health and on our relationships.  Doctors will often prescribe harsh, invasive therapies such as hormone treatments or in vitro insemination.  While these are effective some of the time, there are reliable, natural ways to boost your immunity, without resorting to procedures.

The first thing you’ll want to look at is your diet.  Often, women are victims of crash diets or trendy nutritional schemes that have no basis in science yet claim to offer them the aesthetic goals they’re after.  Low-fat, high-fiber diets are common, and make it incredibly difficult to conceive.  Unfortunately, this can leave us missing essential nutrients and throwing our hormones even further out of whack.  A focus on whole foods is essential, and we want to get plenty of nourishing vegetables.  A variety of veggies and some fruits will give your body the signal that you live in the land of plenty, and can support a new life.  Also important is the protein and saturated fats in protein sources like eggs, beef, and pork.  You don’t need much, but the fat soluble vitamins are only available in this form, and they are needed for the development of a robust pregnancy.  Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, is a great choice.  Vegans, please use smart supplementation in this case.

Secondly, add supporting herbs to help your body balance itself and rejuvenate your reproductive organs.  Maca is a fantastic herb to add to your plan.  It’s an adaptogen that is a powerful re-balancer of hormones.  While having no hormones on its own, it effectively prompts the body to reassess its own needs, and compensate for over- or under-production.  Since hormones are the control switches for everything that happens in our bodies, we need to have these in correct proportions for a baby to come around.  Chaste berry, also known as vitex, also helps with this, since it directly acts on the pituitary gland to increase the amount of progesterone in our bloodstream.  Sometimes only adding this one thing is enough to help achieve a pregnancy.

And of course, mind the basics.  Get enough restful sleep, drink plenty of water, and stay active (though nothing too hardcore).  Keep your stress level low, and “try” often.  With just these few lifestyle and dietary changes, you’ll be greeting your little one in no time!

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