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    How to start working out?

    Exercise is very important for your health, but this is not something new to you. You heard many times about how necessary it is to maintain an active lifestyle, but this did not help you much. After  you read all those interesting articles and you get advice on how you need to exercise, you start to realize that there are many things that stop you from working out. But are they really?

    Indeed, we all have a busy schedule and it’s never easy to find a few free hours per week. You barely have time to see your friends, when should you have time for jogging? Not to mention that you are not always motivated and ready to hit the gym. Well, I hope to have the answer to some of your problems in this article! Here are some tricks that will help you start working out:

    • Buy some nice running gear. You might think that this won’t work unless you are passionate about fashion, but you are wrong. We all love nice clothes but more important, we all love clothes that make us feel good. That is why you have to invest in some running gear that is not only comfortable, but also flattering for your body. It will be easier to convince yourself to go to the gym when you will see yourself in the mirror.
    • Give yourself 10 minutes per day. Yes, that’s all you need. Set a goal for this week and try to work out 10 minutes every day, in the middle of your living room. Nothing more,  nothing less! Slowly you will start to increase the duration of your training, simply because everyone loves to feel fresh and empowered.
    • Let everyone know about your plans. If there’s one thing that we all dislike that is to disappoint the people around us. How can you use this in your advantage? Simply tell your family, friends and colleagues that you want to start working out. You know that they will ask you about your progress, so you will be motivated to follow your schedule for the day and finish your training session.
    • Pick a new exercise every day. Getting bored is easy, especially if you are not a big fan of exercise. I can understand why you don’t even bother to start; you will be sick of it anyway after a few days. Well, what if you do something new every single day? And by this I don’t mean that you have to read about complicated exercises. Today, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tomorrow, take a walk in the park, and the second day go to your friend and do some Yoga together.

    It’s not about how much you exercise. The only important thing is to take that very first step, and after that everything will be easy. Did you decide what is your goal for today?

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