Ancient Health: Chinese Massage

Hundreds of needles all over your body? That does not sound like fun, and unfortunately this is what many people think when they hear about Traditional Chinese massage. Discovered thousands of years ago, Chinese massage is still popular among people who want to improve their health or just relax, and you can enjoy all the benefits if you put your health in the hands of the specialists (yes, literally).

Acupuncture is one of the many styles of Chinese massage, and it implies the introduction of small, thin needles in certain points of your body. Depending on what you want to heal or improve, you can have them in your back, abdomen, arms, legs and even face. Why these points? It’s simple! Scientists from Ancient China believed that we have en energy flow going through our body every second, and we need to stimulate it continuously. This is exactly what the Chinese massage is trying to obtain, and according to various studies it actually works.

Cupping is not as visually extreme, but it is as useful as Acupuncture. It implies covering your body with suction cups that will improve your blood circulation and in this way, your health overall. Many people who struggles with blood circulation related conditions all their life, found healing in Cupping. In some parts of the world it is used as a remedy against Cold or Pneumonia, and it is well known for healing muscle pain, headaches, improving immunity and diminishing scars.

The full body massage is the most common type of Chinese massage, and many people prefer it when they need to get rid of muscle, joint pain or anxiety. The massage will start from the tip of your toes and it continue all the way up until your scalp. In this way every part of your body will be relaxed and pain-free, and you will be able to enjoy your life at its fullest.

This week, try something new! Chinese massage seems like a good idea, and for sure you will go back for the second time!

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