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    Give Your Back A Break

    Alleviate your back pain once and for all

    Between our desk jobs, old mattress, increased use of electronics, and overall poor posture—it is not uncommon to experience neck and back pain. Take a proactive approach to pain and strain, and give your back a break with the tips below.

    Banish Your Back Pain Once And For All!

    1. Invest in a convertible office desk that allows you to stand or sit while working.
    2. Sit on a balance ball or ergonomic office chair.
    3. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes when standing or walking for long periods of time. If less comfortable shoes are required to achieve your desired look—decrease strain and increase comfort with shoe inserts.
    4. Stretch your back, neck, and hamstrings daily for at least 5 minutes, focusing primarily on opposing stretches.
    5. Amp up your core exercises, Pilates, and Yoga—and exercise no less than 4 days each week.
    6. Invest in a new bed. Pay particular attention to beds that have individual controls for firmness and elevation.
    7. Give alternative healing practices a try. This includes yoga, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and energy work.
    8. If your job requires you to sit all day—stand, stretch, and walk for no less than 5 or 10 minutes each hour. If you are required to stand most of the day at work, invest in quality shoes/shoe inserts; and rotate your shoes every other day. Also consider shock absorbing flooring or floor mats.
    9. Actively work to improve your pain-causing poor posture, especially when using smaller electronic devices.
    10. Breathe deeply for no less than 10 breaths each day, which will help to oxygenate your muscles—and alleviate head-to-toe pain.

    The tips below can be used to help treat current back pain, and as a proactive approach to future pain and strain. As always reach out to a medical practitioner when you experience accident, injury, severe pain, or pain lasting more than 2 or 3 days.

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