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Can you re-mineralize your teeth at home?

Can you re-mineralize your teeth at home?

It’s very common in our society today to have worn down tooth enamel, sensitive teeth, and cavities.  There can be many causes of this, from a nutrient deficient diet to overly acidic foods.  Some people are just born with not so great teeth.  Taking good care of your dental health is important, and you’ll thank yourself for this kind of self-care as you start getting older.  While regular dental check-ups are a good idea, there are some other things you can do to improve the health of your teeth.

Add High Vitamin Butter Oil blended with Fermented Cod Liver Oil to your supplement plan.  These oils are remarkable at strengthening teeth, as well as bones, nails, and skin at the same time.  Containing high quantities of bioavailable vitamins A, D, E, and K, regular use of HVBO/FCLO can make it easier for your body to repair and maintain these hard tissues in your body.

Get enough magnesium.  While calcium is usually thought of as the main element of your teeth, magnesium helps to bond calcium and all the other needed vitamins and minerals together.  Getting more magnesium in your diet can have a lot more health benefits too, like improving sleep and reducing stress.  Magnesium is in many leafy green vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, and other vegetables like avocados.

Use a re-mineralizing toothpaste.  While these types of toothpastes may be harder to find, more and more companies are making healthy mineral filled toothpastes that are available online.  Look for ingredients like xylitol, neem, coconut oil, montmorillonite clay, calcium carbonate, activated charcoal, and other natural herbs and oils.  Of course, ingredients like artificial sweeteners, sodium laurel sulfate, and glycerin can impair tooth health, so try to avoid these where you can.

Some people have used coconut oil to do what’s called Oil Pulling, and they swear by this method of swishing oil in their mouths for the way it cleans and whitens their teeth, so give this method a try and see how you like it as well.

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