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What is Butter Coffee, and should you drink it?

What is Butter Coffee, and should you drink it?

There’s a trend going around now about adding butter to your coffee.  Some people also add coconut oil.  It might sound weird or gross, but they claim it gives them tons of energy, clearer thinking, and even help with losing weight.  Can this possibly be true?

Actually, yes, and it’s pretty tasty to boot!  There are a few tricks to doing it right, though.

The first important thing is that you have to use fresh, hot coffee.  You want the butter and coconut oil to fully melt.  Pour about 12 oz of coffee into a blender, then add about 1 tablespoon each of butter and coconut oil.  You can also add a little stevia if you like your coffee on the sweeter side.  Blend your coffee mix for about 30 seconds, and you’re done!

Your drink will be very creamy and satisfying.  This is a calorie packed beverage, so the idea is to drink it instead of eating breakfast.  Since it has basically no sugars, you won’t be raising your insulin, which is a very common cause of weight gain.  The fats will help keep you fueled through the morning, and the types of fats in butter and coconut oil, combined with the caffeine in the coffee, will help you to think faster and more clearly, without the grogginess many of us can experience through the day.

If you want a slightly easier way to make it, you can use a stick type immersion blender instead of the pitcher type.  You’ll have less dishes to wash this way.  If you’re working out and need extra protein, try adding a couple of tablespoons of collagen powder, or a scoop of your favorite whey protein.  This is a helpful tactic for anyone who finds themselves particularly hungry in the mornings, too.

Many people report significantly reduced hunger, and sometimes forget to eat all the way until dinner time.  The reduced appetite is a great side effect if you’re trying to control your weight, which is the motivation for most people to try this drink.

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