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Coloring Your Way To Calm

adult coloring books

One of the hottest new trends in mindfulness is a pastime we all enjoyed as children—coloring. However, adult coloring books are far more intricate, and artistic than coloring books of years past. Here is why coloring works.

Coloring Is Creative

The average adult is so busy, that there is often little time left for doing something purely creative. Simply select the intricate or inspiring design that you like, and select any color combination that you like.

Coloring Allows You To Focus

For most of us, multitasking has become second nature. As much as it might sound as if it saves you time to do three things at once, it often does just the opposite. Coloring is a stress-free activity, that allows you to focus solely on the task at hand.

Adult Coloring Books To Calm And Clear Your Mind

Many adult coloring books are designed by revered artists, and in a theme that allows you to color with intention. For example, sacred geometry, love, nature, and wellness are all common themes of coloring books—so your work of art is creative, inspiring, calming, and balancing.

All you need is 15 spare minutes a day to enjoy the calming benefits of coloring. There is no right or wrong, in fact the more creative the better!

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