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    Pack Your Carryon Like A Pro

    Pack to perfection!

    I was a flight attended for several years, meaning I had to learn to live for a full week out of a standard carryon suitcase and accompanying bag that included my uniform and my casual clothing. Over the years, I learned to pack like a pro and am eager to share a few tips.

    Never Check Your Trip Essentials

    If you plan on checking luggage, never check your trip essentials. This includes the obvious prescriptions, money, and valuable jewelry, but also a few other items you might not consider. This includes trip-specific must-haves, such as your presentation pieces, essential electronics, or other items you can’t easily replace at your destination. Also, consider shipping your luggage via FedEx directly to your hotel or Airbnb.

    Always Pack Toiletries And A Change Of Clothing

    If you will be checking luggage, it might be tempting to carry on little more than your purse or laptop bag. However, you must always pack your essential toiletries, at least one change of clothing, and maybe even a pair of pj’s.

    Upgrade Your Luggage

    When you select luggage, look beyond the brand to functional luggage. This includes well-designed luggage and bags with the thoughtful compartments you require. Packing cubes can help to compress clothing, and suitcases that divide your luggage into two distinct compartments make it easy to fit more. Always opt for lightweight luggage, and flexible suitcases and bags will fit more; however, they will not provide the same protective barrier for your items when checked.

    Mix And Match

    They key to packing light is mixing and matching your shoes and clothing and layering. For example, you could wear the same dress solo one day and with a blazer a few days later. That same blazer could then be worn with a pair of jeans and dress slacks.

    Whether your goal is to avoid the long wait at baggage claim or simply make sure all the bases are covered if your bag is lost or delayed, turn to the tips above. Have a wonderful time on your next business trip or vacation!

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